Feb 5, 2009

Welcome Yudu

Hi my name is Jeanette and I am so excited I was sent a Yudu Machine to test for Provo Craft and I LOVE IT , I'm not a big scrapbooker although I love that stuff, So when I got the oportunity to play with this new Yudu Machine I jumped right in with both feet. Making my kids personal t-shirts of their favorite bands. I put screenprinting on some albums I had laying around. CUTE CUTE. I can't wait to try other stuff..
Order your Yudu Now its in stock at CrazyScrapshttp://store.crazyscraps.com/yudu.html when I get my pictures done I will post them on here so you can see what I created..If anyone out there has any ideas of other things to do with the Yude or they have pics of stuff you have done PLEASE let me know... Chat soon Jeanette